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As we enter our sixth year of operation as a non-profit organization, we know the work we do is more necessary than ever. Our community counts on us to show up when they need us, often when they are at their most lonely, vulnerable, and isolated. That’s why we are so grateful to everyone who gave their time, energy, and talent to help us reach our fundraising goals this year, so that we can give belonging to more people than ever in 2023.

#GiveBelonging Sponsor & Matching Donors

Be The Change Revolutions

Be The Change Revolutions

#GiveBelonging Sponsor

Be The Change Revolutions, an award-winning, record breaking, human media and intelligence agency with more than a decade of experience empowering clients to build communities and ignite movements. They work with best-in-class brands, businesses and humanitarian organizations that are making a difference in the world while also making a difference to their bottom lines.

BTC Revolutions creates passionate fans who fall madly in love with brands and causes through word-of-mouth advocacy that is the currency of social media.

BTC Revolutions was a strategic partner in planning the #GiveBelonging campaign, as well as a premier sponsor. They captured the spirit of our work in a campaign that embodied how gifts grow as they circulate through a community. By encouraging us to lean into the support of our community, they were crucial to our success.

Christiana & Kimbal Musk

Christiana & Kimbal Musk

#GiveBelonging Matching Donors

We are extremely grateful to Kimbal and Christiana Musk for their leadership in the #GiveBelonging campaign. Their matching gift of $25,000 and their tireless advocacy for our work reached new people and brought in vital support that will allow us to give 10,000 hours of belonging to veterans, health care workers, and civilians in 2023.

Special Thanks

Jeffrey Wright

Jeffrey Wright

Jeffrey Wright is a Tony, Emmy, AFI and Golden Globe Award-winning actor who has enjoyed an illustrious career, spanning the worlds of theater, film, and television. Wright can currently be seen playing the critically acclaimed role of ‘Bernard Lowe’ in HBO’s “Westworld,” for which he has earned two Emmy nominations. The third season premieres first quarter 2020 Also, in 2020, he can next be seen reprising his role of CIA agent ‘Felix Leiter’ in the next James Bond installment, titled No Time to Die to be released April 10, 2020. In addition to that, Wright was recently tapped to play ‘Commissioner Gordon’ in the next Batman installment by Matt Reeves, titled The Batman and starring Robert Patterson as Batman. Wright also can be seen in an all-star ensemble cast in Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch (2020).

Born in Washington, D.C., Wright graduated from Amherst College and received a B.A. in political science. He later earned a doctorate of humane letters from his alma mater. He resides in Brooklyn, New York, with his family.

Theater of War Productions

Theater of War Productions

Theater of War Productions works with leading film, theater, and television actors to present dramatic readings of seminal plays—from classical Greek tragedies to modern and contemporary works—followed by town hall-style discussions designed to confront social issues by drawing out raw and personal reactions to themes highlighted in the plays. The guided discussions underscore how the plays resonate with contemporary audiences and invite audience members to share their perspectives and experiences, and, helping to break down stigmas, foster empathy, compassion, and a deeper understanding of complex issues.

Theater of War Productions was co-founded in 2009 by Bryan Doerries and Phyllis Kaufman, who served as producing director from 2009 to 2016. Doerries currently serves as the company’s artistic director. Since its founding in 2009, Theater of War Productions has facilitated events for more than 500,000 people, presenting over 20 tailored programs to serve diverse communities across the globe, reaching over 100 countries.

Our Community Builders


Our friends and supporters responded to our call to #GiveBelonging by not only sharing our mission and our message, but led their own fundraising efforts on our behalf.

Valerie Acosta

Anthony Almojera

Amelia Bane

Shuly Xóchitl Cawood

Joan Green

Mary Haney

Rob Haney

Sarah Herrin

Amanda Hite

Sonya Huber

Courtney LeBlanc

Lesley Mose

Ashy Palliparambil

Seema Reza


Generous people from all walks of life who love our community and the people we support enough to give their precious resources so that we may continue to bring human connection through shared creative experiences to veterans, health care workers, and civilians across the country and the world.

Merry Abraham

Ann Bane

Shuly Cawood

Maria-Victoria Checa

Patrick Clarke

Jennie Clyne

Todd Connor

Iann Cummings

Joni Doolin

Sahaja Douglass

Matthew Erickson

Wendy Ford

Anne Kiehl Friedman

D Dina Friedman

Manu George

Caryn A Goldberg

Kim Hall

Douglas Hattaway

Christine Hellauer

Amanda Hite

Michelle Howell

Sonya Huber

Tina Jacob

Abdul Kargbo

Jeffrey Kongswangwongsa

Alexis Laryea

Chris Lundberg

Kurian Manavalan

Abigail Manzella

Colin McKee

Sandra McMurtrey

Carolyne Meehan

Will Melton

Sandra Moles

Heather Moll

Edna Morris

David Nagy

Manju Nair

Chrystie T. Nguyen

Jeremy Norton

Anthony Palliparambil

Daniel Palliparambil

Kenneth Palliparambil

Lysa Palliparambil

Kirsten Powers

Phil Puthumana

Carlyn Reichel

Sadaf Mona Reza

Seema Reza

Tommy Sadoski

Tamir Segal

Purvi Shah

Michelle Shortencarrier

Mackenzie Stevens

Scott Stratten

Sarah Sullivan

Dylan Tete

Anu Thalakotur

Francis Thalakotur

Lindsey Thattassery

Jennifer Thomas

Matthew Turosky

Tessa Vithayathil

Amy Wadcan

Joseph Wadcan

…and to all of those who donated anonymously or through Facebook and Instagram #GiveBelonging fundraisers.