No Veteran should bear the burden alone.

Community Building Art Works builds bridges between veterans and citizens using the language of creative expression to promote empathy, foster understanding, and build authentic community.


Build Community.

Give Support.


I am alive because of the safe space provided by your programs.

All the feels. This morning’s session was magical and mystical and exactly what I needed. Thank you for creating a vessel that holds all our tears and joys and sorrows and dreams and, most importantly, each other.

Wondering and wandering with CBAW is essential to my well-being.

I really appreciate the vulnerability and authenticity that the CBAW facilitators lead with… they all have their own ways of making a space feel comforting and safe and I am so grateful for the good soul medicine they each share.

I’m so glad I attended tonight! Creating art in community is so good for my soul.

I learned a lot about poetry and communication during this workshop. I feel safe to be vulnerable and share my writing. It is helpful and nourishing listening to the insights of the participants. I really miss it when I am not able to attend.

Thank you for creating this community. I feel heard even when I don’t speak and seen even when my camera is off. Friday Morning Poetry Church is the touchstone around which I organize my life some weeks. CBAW sustains me.

Wednesday Art is an important time in my week. I get to create something and not worry about the result. It’s one of the few times during the week that I dedicate some time to me.

You are teaching me that I have something to share, [that] I am not alone, and my voice can be heard. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Magnificent workshop = magnificent experience. Thank you for making this possible.

CBAW #UnitedAgainstSilence

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