No Veteran should bear the burden alone.

Community Building Art Works builds bridges between veterans and citizens using the language of creative expression to promote empathy, foster understanding, and build authentic community.


Build Community.

Give Support.


Writing from the bedroom of my childhood home today, the poem and prompt took me on a pilgrimage to the most unexpected, sacred places. So good.

As a disabled veteran I feel like I am making friends across the states. It is a very good feeling. The art brings us together, the social connection keeps us coming back.

Very encouraging and supportive. I am honestly afraid of creating visual art… Because of the participants, and under [the facilitator’s] lead, I feel brave enough to show up.

Open Studio is a wonderful way to work on art in community. One of the things I like best is the casual conversations we have.

This was an amazing hour. Thank you for making it possible. I always leave these feeling like I’m maybe, a little bit, a poet.

Such a welcoming, inclusive energy. [The instructor] made me feel good about the hardest writing; comedy, just for trying!

CBAW has helped me improve my mental health and reconnect with my creative side. I can’t thank them enough – a fantastic team of folks who truly make a difference in the world.

I’m in awe of the depth of trust and vulnerability everyone brings to this hour. And the writing that flows from that. Thank you, for this extraordinary space.

I adored this class! It opened my eyes to an entirely new technique that resonated with me. I’ve been a little lax about my ‘art practice’ but this has inspired me to do more… Super exciting.

This was fun… this is the first time I’ve used watercolor, wet on wet, and let it go where it wanted. It was meditative. Love the process.

CBAW #UnitedAgainstSilence

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