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Gratitude to everyone for contributing to the overwhelming success of our 2023 campaign! Together, you've achieved a remarkable feat by unlocking the entire $50,000 matching pledge from our generous supporter, Flourish Trust. Your support has truly made a significant impact, and we appreciate each and every one of you.

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$134,459 of $100,000 Raised

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Community Building Art Works’ initiative to make the world a little less lonely.

Support #MissionBelonging

Join Community Building Art Works for #MissionBelonging, a long-term effort to prevent Veteran suicide by connecting Veterans and service members to their communities through the healing power of expressive arts.

From November 9th through December 31st, with your help, we will raise $100,000 to continue to grow the community we serve and to deliver over 25 million impressions online to help raise awareness about the important work we do.

We are thrilled to announce that thanks to our generous supporters Flourish Trust, and Christiana & Kimbal Musk, all donations up to $50,000 made from the start of our campaign through the end of the year will be matched at 100%!

Here are three ways you can support the #MissionBelonging Project.


Your fundraising efforts play a pivotal role in advancing our mission, and together, we are poised to make a profound impact on countless lives. Find tools below to create a personal fundraiser using your Facebook or Instagram accounts.

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For our instructional videos on fundraiser setup & some tips for holding a successful fundraiser, click here. If social media isn't really your thing and you'd still like to Fundraise, click here to create a fundraiser on Kindful.


Help spread the word about CBAW's #GiveBelonging Campaign using our social media sharing kit. Click below to view the complete kit.


Help spread the word about CBAW's #GiveBelonging Campaign using our social media sharing kit. Click below to view the complete kit.

Too busy but want to still #GiveBelonging?


Community Building Art Works builds bridges between veterans and citizens through creative expression. We use the language of creativity to promote empathy, foster understanding, and create a vibrant, diverse community. We envision a world where the power of creative expression fosters empathy, healing, and unity among veterans and citizens alike. A world where shared experiences of art fuel personal and social transformation, ignite connections, and build understanding across differences. We are a driving force that cultivates communities where every individual, regardless of background, finds their voice, their purpose, and belonging.


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