Poetic Record

Resilience Workshop for Healthcare Workers

Join us for an inspiring blend of poetry, community, and the science of resilience! This free and weekly workshop, led by Laura Van Prooyen, author, educator, and publisher, provides a safe space for healthcare workers to explore their experiences, emotions, and resilience through expressive writing.

📅 When

  • Tuesdays at 7 pm EST via Zoom (one-hour sessions)

🖊️ What to Expect

  • Weekly Poem Selection: Laura chooses a thought-provoking poem.
  • Interactive Participation: Read, respond, and write alongside fellow participants.
  • Optional Sharing: Share your reflections if you’d like.
  • No Creative Writing Experience Required: Everyone is welcome!

🔍 Why Attend?

  • Countless studies link expressive writing to improved health. In the face of COVID-19 and other challenges, healthcare workers often grapple with trauma, burnout, and compassion fatigue. Poetic Record offers a supportive environment to process emotions and connect with peers.
Laura Van Prooyen

Laura Van Prooyen

Author & Facilitator

Laura Van Prooyen is author of three collections of poetry: Frances of the Wider Field, Our House Was on Fire, nominated by Philip Levine and winner of the McGovern Prize, and Inkblot and Altar. She is also co-author of Text Structures from Poetry, a book of writing lessons for educators of grades 4-12. Van Prooyen is the Managing Editor for The Cortland Review, facilitates free online workshops with Community Building Art Works for healthcare workers, and is the founder of Next Page Press. She works as an independent consultant to writing clients and designs and facilitates customized workshops in the workplace to meet both individual and organizational wellness needs. She lives in San Antonio, TX.

Our Participants Say

“The writing allowed me to be vulnerable with myself and then I could be vulnerable with my family.”

Our Participants Say

“It was an exercise in capturing the thoughts and feelings swirling around inside, and then learning to be vulnerable and share.”

Our Participants Say

“I see this as a valuable middle ground between isolation and community reintegration.”

Our Participants Say

“It gave me a reason not to die from one day to the next.”

Our Participants Say

“Healing through writing… when you dig in and you are honest with yourself.”

Our Participants Say

“By being creative you are able to reach into a person’s heart, give them confidence and pull out a person changed for the better.”

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