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2.77 million U.S. service members have been deployed to support American war efforts since 2001. An estimated 14 to 20 percent of these veterans experience PTSD. 32.4 percent of female veterans have report having experienced military sexual trauma.

We Are Not Done Yet, a documentary directed by Sareen Hairabedian and produced by Jeffrey Wright (Emmy Winner for HBO’s Angels in America, two-time Emmy nominee for HBO’s Westworld and David Holbrooke (HBO’s The Diplomat) follows ten veterans and active-duty service members as they use the written word to explore past and current traumas in a USO writing workshop.

Participants from the Army, Air Force, Marines and Navy use poetry to share their vulnerabilities and victories.

In writing sessions and rehearsals, men and women open up about their ongoing struggles with PTSD and the challenges of readjusting to civilian life.

The project started in a writing workshop facilitated by Seema Reza, poet and chair of Community Building Art Works. After working with Theater of War and visiting a war zone in Sierra Leona, Jeffrey Wright became even more committed to addressing the consequences of war and the effects of PTSD. Wright was introduced to Reza and soon came on board to direct a staged production of the veterans’ collaborative poem.