TLA Network Inaugural Awards Outstanding Organization of the Year: Community Building Art Works

We’re thrilled to announce that Community Building Art Works (CBAW) has been awarded the Transformative Language Arts Network (TLAN) Organization of the Year for 2023! This prestigious recognition highlights CBAW’s commitment to building bridges between Veterans and citizens through creative expression.

TLAN is a non-profit organization that brings together and lifts up those who promote forms of the spoken, written, and sung word as a tool for personal and communal transformation. TLAN recognized CBAW for providing consistent, weekly, free, and accessible writing and visual arts workshops for active military, veterans, military families, and caregivers.

Guided by a diverse board, including veterans, artists, and professionals, CBAW strives to build connections, foster creativity, and provide healing spaces for those dealing with emotional and physical trauma. CBAW Founder and CEO Seema Reza was present to accept the award at TLAN’s annual Power of Words conference during November 2023.

“When you’ve experienced things that are out of the ‘norm’, it’s easy to feel totally isolated,” Reza said. “Our programs give people the tools and space to talk about these things, first with people who feel the same way and then to people in their lives who are potentially very different from them. It’s how we begin to heal the fissures, and find ourselves experiencing belonging.”

Learn more about this honor at the TLAN Blog.