On this Memorial Day, Community Building Art Works honors the memory of those service members who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. During the month of May, we gathered in community to weave a communal canvas, reflecting on the enduring legacy of our fallen heroes.

Our artistic endeavor began with a single photograph, which we then divided into squares. Each square was entrusted to a different community member, challenging them to reinterpret the original image through their unique artistic lens. Using a diverse palette of mediums, from paints to pencils and beyond, our collective crafted a new, multifaceted work of art.

We invite you to share your impressions of the artwork in the comments and share the image on social media, tagging someone with whom the message of remembrance and resilience will resonate. Today we unite not only to remember the fallen but also to celebrate the strength and resilience they have instilled in us all.

Prints and wall art of “We Remember 2024” are also available for purchase, and by acquiring a print, you contribute to the sustainability of CBAW’s free programs for Veterans, Service Members, Military families, and caregivers. Find them on the CBAW Shop. Click here.

We Remember: A CBAW Memorial Day 2024 Collaborative Art Work

Artist Credits (in alphabetical order.):

  • Shulamit A.
  • Valerie Acosta
  • Fray Bennett
  • Sara Chauvot
  • Diana Colon
  • Barbara Friedman
  • Joan Green
  • Joe Halpin
  • Berdj “The Hammer”
  • Dawn Harrison
  • Irene Hays-Pierce
  • Natalie Ho
  • Joe Merritt
  • Raye Oheidhin
  • Carolyn OLenic
  • Diana Osborn
  • Martha Pedersen
  • Debbie Reeves
  • Lieutenant Colonel Edgar F. Russell, III, USAF (RET)
  • Shaun Smith
  • Trudianne Temple
  • Annette Vallieres
  • Original Photograph by Army Veteran, Lesley Mose
  • Cel-Shaded Images & Final Composite by CBAW Design Team