A short Q&A with Veteran & Author Kayla M. Williams, ahead of her July Memoir writing workshop!

Kayla M. Williams was enlisted for five years as an Arabic linguist, serving in a Military Intelligence company of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault). She authored the memoirs Love My Rifle More Than You and Plenty of Time When We Get Home, both published by W. W. Norton. Ms. Williams has also published numerous essays and op-eds, as well as fiction, poetry, and research reports. Kayla has a BA in English Literature from Bowling Green State University and an MA in International Affairs from American University.

CBAW: “What is your choice of medium, and why?”

Kayla Williams: “Writing – words are how I think.

CBAW: “How has writing impacted you as a person?”

KW: “Writing helps me process my place in the world and how I want to live in it.”

CBAW: “What do you hope someone gets from reading your work?”

KW: “A deeper understanding about women who serve, military caregivers, and the complexity of our diverse experiences.”

Coming up on July 20th, Kayla will facilitate Telling Your Truth: An Introduction to Memoir Writing in our monthly Strathmore-partnered writing workshop series. Learn more and register for this pay-what-you-can, virtual workshop by clicking the button below.

Telling Your Truth: An Introduction to Memoir Writing
Thursday, July 20th at 7 PM EDT

Everyone has a story to tell – but are you ready to tell your own? Kayla Williams, who has published personal narratives as well as academic and opinion pieces, will lead a writing workshop for those interested in autobiographical writing. In addition to participating in generative exercises, participants will explore considerations for choosing between genres and publication options. No previous experience is required; beginners are welcome.