Ahead of his May 18th writing workshop, CBAW is proud to spotlight writer Kevin Basl.

Kevin Basl (he/him) is a writer and musician living near Ithaca, New York. He was a mobile radar operator in the U.S. Army. Over the past decade, he has taught many writing and art-marking workshops for service members, veterans, and their communities. He’s author of Midnight Cargo: Stories and Poems (forthcoming from Illuminated Press), and he’s co-author of a chapbook of poems: Corn, Coal & Yellow Ribbons (Out of Step Press). Read some pieces written by Kevin by visiting his website, kevinbasl.com, and don’t forget to give him a follow on Instagram: @kevin.basl.

CBAW: “What is your choice of medium, and why?”

Kevin Basl: “Writing. As an introverted person, writing gives me a voice. It helps me think through life’s challenges, and it helps me communicate what I have a hard time speaking.”

CBAW: “How has art making or creative writing impacted you as a person?”

KB: “Being a part of a writing community has introduced me to so many interesting and creative people. I can’t imagine where I’d be without all of my writer and artist friends.

CBAW: “Aside from writing, you have another medium you spend time in, correct?”

KB: “I’m also a musician. I love recording original songs in my home studio. Occasionally, I perform in front of an audience.”

Midnight Cargo by Kevin Basl

Also available as bundled with
Corn, Coal & Yellow Ribbons. 

CBAW is excited to welcome Kevin with two different events this month! First up, on May 18th, Kevin will facilitate Chance Operations: Play with Words in our monthly Strathmore-partnered writing workshop series. Then, our annual Memorial Day virtual gathering will feature poetry readings from Kevin, along with other Veteran writers! Learn more and register for each by clicking on the two banner images below.

Chance Operations: Play with Words Workshop</p>
<p>Chance operations are methods used by artists and writers to generate work that emerges in surprising ways. These games are useful not only for overcoming writer's block, but also for revealing verses and ideas that can take a writer into strange new territory. This workshop will cover a few of these methods, giving participants the opportunity to try out one or two for themselves.
We Remember 2023: A Veteran Poetry Reading