We are proud to share with you, the story & work of talented veteran artist, Lesley Mose!

Lesley has always been an artisan at heart. Even during her military career, she always did everything she could to gather as many military occupational specialties as humanly possible. To Lesley, her job & career were her pride, joy & how she identified herself. When she was injured and medically retired from the military, her spirits were initially crushed, & she struggled to figure out how she would be of any use to anyone. As with many veterans struggling with PTSD and overwhelming injuries, there were many dark days, but she was introduced to Art Therapy, and the Arts became, and continue to be, a mode of therapy that brings a sense of completeness and belonging.

Crochet was suggested by a therapist when coming back from back-to-back deployments in 2013 to begin the healing process from PTSD. It was meant to serve to keep her hands busy & her mind occupied. She started by making scarves, hats, & blankets. She had no idea that it would lead her to where she is today to make crochet dolls. Along the way, another service member gave her a love for woodworking and a very special Art Therapist gave her a love for varying types of Art and introduced her to poets and musicians that rekindled her lost love of writing and music. This channeled her focus toward healing and out of that healing her business has started to grow.

This year, for the first time, she has allowed herself to enter a juried art exhibit with the Veterans Affairs and won at the Local Level in Richmond (for crochet/knitting), going on to compete and win at the National Level. She has been invited to participate in the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival being held this year in St. Petersburg, Florida. (Info about this event, happening right now, is linked below.) She is the founder & co-owner of La Mosé Creations, LLC which does a plethora of things, including crochet dolls, blankets, scarves, & other items, photography, woodworking, & resin.

Check out Lesley’s work online at thecraftycaptain.com and on her Instagram and twitter at the links below!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/laMoseCreations

IG: https://www.instagram.com/thecraftycpt/ & https://www.instagram.com/lamosecreationsphotography/

National Veterans #CreativeArtsFestival Info: https://buff.ly/3MkVF5X