Our monthly spotlight series shines on artist Shaun Smith for the month of April.

Shaun is a Retired U.S. Army Veteran and Fine Artist based in Northern Maine. Shaun served 10 years as a Combat Medic with a tour in Afghanistan. During that time he was awarded The Combat Medic Badge for providing care under fire and a Purple Heart for injuries sustained from a VBIED. Shaun found comfort in art therapy as a way to express his experiences, leading him to enroll into an art university. Shaun graduated from The Academy of Art University of San Francisco with a Bachelors in Fine art Painting in 2021. Shaun dedicates his time to painting landscapes, wildlife, and peaceful moments. Find him on Facebook.

Immersed by Martin Cervantez

Frenchman’s Bay

CBAW: “What is your choice of medium, and why?”

Shaun Smith: “Watercolor and Pastels: I love the versatility of both mediums and I often pair them together. I really like how pastels can add textures and punch in some heavy saturation of pigment to the softness that watercolor is known to provide.”  

CBAW: “How has art making or creative writing impacted you as a person?”

SS: “It has allowed me to step back from all the chaos in the world, find peace and enjoy everything nature has to offer.”

Immersed by Martin Cervantez


CBAW: “What do you hope someone gets from viewing/reading your work?”

SS: “The inspiration to go out into their environment and start seeing the beauty in  moments that we can capture and meditate on.”

Immersed by Martin Cervantez

West Quoddy Monarch

Join Shaun every third Wednesday of the month for his CBAW Visual Art Workshop. Coming up this Wednesday, April 19th, we will be featuring the first of a two part class on Illustrative Watercolors*. Shaun will teach participants how to plan out what they want their illustrations to look like by developing thumbnail sketches, drawing out the image and then completing some color testing.  Register for our recurring workshops to join. Click here.

Coming up: For the first three weeks in May, Shaun will be co-facilitating (along with CBAW co-founder Joe Merritt) our special collaborative art project, in honor of Memorial Day 2023. Learn more and register here.


*Click here to view further details About Illustrative Watercolor

Suggested Supplies:

  • Watercolor paper
  • Scrap watercolor paper
  • Drawing paper
  • Pencils and erasers
  • Sketch pens
  • Watercolor paint and brushes
  • Cup of water and paper towels

Note: During the intermission between parts 1 & 2, participants are encouraged to refine their drawing in their own time.

*Part 2: We will bring everything together, make any needed adjustments, add ink (if not completed during intermission) and then proceed to paint! For further details and supplies for Part 2, visit June 21st on our Google Calendar.

Immersed by Martin Cervantez


Immersed by Martin Cervantez

Route 11