We know that the COVID-19 crisis will create greater instances of moral injury and secondary trauma in healthcare workers, a population already burdened with compassion fatigue and burnout. We’d like to support healthcare workers to harness the power of narrative and community through the COVID-19 crisis, and to share the burden with them as we stay home.

We are partnering with Grammy-nominated recording artist and mindfulness activist and all around stellar human being Jewel and her NeverBroken initiative and with Badges United Foundation, an awesome organization focused on meeting the mental health needs of first responders and drawing upon Community Building Art Works’ experience using poetry and expressive writing with military and civilian healthcare workers and students to create a safe space for healthcare workers to use poetics to share the full truth of their experiences with one another and the broader community. Poetry blends narrative, mindfulness, and self-expression to help people make order out of chaos, and to overcome the shame that accompanies traumatic experiences.

To reach as many people as possible, in as many places as possible, we need your help.

If you know anyone anywhere in the world who works in healthcare—not just doctors and nurses—please ask them to contribute their words at www.PoeticRecord.org