CBAW Family,

There is a lot going on in our lives and in our country right now. All of the hard emotions of isolation, anger, insecurity, fear…the emotional roller coaster seems to be never-ending. For many of us this rollercoaster is not a new experience, and nor is our outrage at racism and our desire to keep our families safe.

It’s these feelings that have prompted this work, and the community we build will hold us up. This is a reminder that our collective stories and experience can help us through what life brings. Talk about your emotions and stories, write about yourself and what’s going on in your world. No one can tell our stories better than ourselves.

CBAW was started out of a need to tell our truths and let them be held by those around us. That has remained constant and will continue to do so. These spaces are for times like this, those of you who have been in our community to continue to do the hard work you are doing, and bring in others who can benefit from it. Support each other.

To those who are just finding us, welcome. Reach out, be vulnerable, be honest with yourself and help us all learn and grow together. We cannot create a new narrative without acknowledging the past.

Dum Spiro Spero
CBAW Vice-Chair
USMC retired