Today, with solemnity and reverence, we gather to unveil the culmination of our month-long artistic collaboration. Throughout May, we embarked on a collective artistic journey, combining our unique artistic expressions to create a collaborative painting. This painting stands as a tribute to the brave souls who have served and selflessly sacrificed for our country. United in remembrance, today we unite during our Memorial Day reading to hear the voices of veteran writers who have served and witness the unveiling of this new creation—a powerful testament to the unwavering spirit and enduring legacy of those who have dedicated their lives to a cause greater than themselves. In this moment, let us honor their service and reflect on the profound depth of their sacrifice.

We present to you, “We Remember 2023,” A collaborative work of art in honor of Service Members we have lost.

Created by Alexis Laryea, Ben Weakley, Berdj “The Hammer”, Bryson Langel, Diana Osborn, Edgar Russell, Elaine Gordon Steele, Hazel Gordan-Suppa, Joan Green, Leslie Hidalgo, Martha Pedersen, Miyoko Bell, Natasha Lewis, Raye Oheidhin, Robert Mercier, Shaun Smith, and Joe Merritt.

Concept art by Joe Merritt | Project Planning & Assistance from the CBAW Team.

Special gratitude goes out to our friends at Blick Art Materials for their donation of gift cards, randomly awarded to 2 of our participant artists. Thank you!

You can purchase prints of the piece in varying sizes (either framed or unframed) from our amazing partners at Art For Your Cause! Proceeds from sales will benefit CBAW free programs for Veterans, Service Members, Military families, and caregivers.

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We Remember 2023 Collaborative Artwork

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