In this second project-based class artist/designer Gabriela Hernandez will continue exploring how color and composition create a dynamic image. You’ll work with a specified color palette and compositional format to enhance the mood or narrative of your collage. No prior art experience needed. Additional supplies are suggested, although not required, to further enhance your craft.

Join us on Thursday July 9 at 1200 EST using the online class registration link

Basic Supply List:

5 magazines -thematic variety for interesting imagery combinations

8.5”x 10” paper of your choice


Glue (rubber cement or glue stick)


Tennis ball

Ruler with cork back




9”x12” watercolor paper or Bristol board

Artist tape

Gel Matte Medium

Acrylic brushes (small, medium and large)

Palette knife (rounded tip)

Xacto Knife

Palette paper

Cup for water

Paper towels

Speedball soft brayer roller

Board for mounting paper

Color wheel