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Ekaterina started her art journey at The School of Fine Arts in Yaroslavl, Russia, where she completed a rigorous fine arts program. With a solid knowledge of skills and techniques she received a scholarship at The Art School of Museum of Tel-Aviv. There she experimented with different shapes and forms while starting to develop her own style of painting. Ekaterina continued her art education through self-study with various mediums before beginning to focus on using her art to bring awareness for the conservation of wildlife.
The intention behind the Animalize project is to reconnect people with nature and wildlife. We have become so focused on our daily experiences that we have lost touch with what lies beyond our urban lifestyles. This has led to a lack of awareness on how our actions affect the environment and wildlife. Animalize reminds us of nature’s brimming beauty, presence and need for care.
Ekaterina’s goal is to bring love for wildlife back into people’s hearts. Through the connections they feel when they gaze into the animals’ eyes, she intends to awaken the viewer to his or her impact on animals. She hopes to inspire each person to look deeply into their current practices and question how they affect the environment and animals. With her paintbrushes in hand, she paints colors of awareness and consideration for wildlife.